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Activity Books

Hands-on science activity books  

  • The activity books were originally designed for students in PreK-2nd grade. We have found that students in all grade levels love these books and want to do the activities. Therefore, we now list our activity books as appropriate for students at all grade levels.  We also have "teen covers" appropriate for older students.
       Sample activity from Dinosaur Hands-on Activity Book
  • Unit of study - Each activity book is written around a unit of study such as volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.
  • Mini-lesson for PreK-2nd grade - Each activity contains a mini-lesson at the beginning of the activity for younger students.
  • Hands-on activities included in the books do not require expensive materials. Most of the materials are found around the home or can be found at a local store.

For more information about each of the activity books and how to order the books click on the links below each book.

Activity Book Rock Cycle

Activity Book Volcanoes 

Activity Book Earthquakes

Activity Book Earth Science

Activity Book Dinosaurs 

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